Unlock The Power Of Test Data

Automated Test and Data Management Solutions

OmniTest Sequencer Application. Including the traditional features of a test executive, such as task sequencing, iteration management, run-time debugging and report generation, the OmniTest App takes several steps forward, including:

  • Networking capabilities
  • Database management
  • Data mining tools
  • Production management options

Why OmniTest?

Our focus is on making test data easy to generate, organize and access. We provide the advantage of real-time data availability, along with the tools to effectively process big data.

From the bench engineer collecting voluminous parametric data for design evaluation to the production manager inundated with acceptance test data looking for insights and trends on product performance, OmniTest’s solutions lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.

OmniTest's Mission

OmniTest specializes in Automatic Test Equipment, Networking and Data Management Systems. Our customizable products provide a test executive, equipment control, and data management solution serving the diverse needs of our customers. OmniTest builds strong, cooperative relationships with its customers, enabling fast and scalable test solutions.

OmniTest is committed to simplifying automated test solutions by offering a turn-key, state-of-the-art application with superior UI concepts, precision modularity and efficiency merged into a cost-optimized package.

Together with a proven company-networking system, our customers have real-time data available to deliver big data to those who have the power, knowledge and resources to initiate optimizing decisions before issues occur.