Sequencer App

More than a test executive.

This forward-looking application includes networking capabilities, database management and data mining tools. Production management options automatically track and manage any number of sequential processes involved with fulfilling a purchase order. From pulling stock and testing components to generating reports and shipping hardware, the networking and database capabilities ensure real-time status is available to engineers and management alike.

Rapid Test Development

  • Flexible Development Architecture
    • Tasks can be developed in any SW language (Windows executable) and dropped into the sequencer
  • Consistent Results Format
    • Task summary reporting is not dictated by the sequencer, but left to each individual task. 
  • Simplified Test Sequence Generation
    • Supports one-click configuration of sequenced tasks using task-specific configuration GUIs.
  • Test Looping 
    • Supports a looping function for iteration and debugging.
  • Run-Time Debugging
    • Supports run-time debugging of tasks 
    • Tasks developed in Labview are supported by base package.
    • Debugging of tasks developed in other native languages is a purchased option.
  • Facilitates RF Calibration
    • Incorporates method for automatically calibrating each workstation and each defined target

Production Management

  • Batch Testing Management 
    • Allow for managing the configuration of several test targets simultaneously for the same task.
    • A single test set can control multiple test setups simultaneously, for automated testing of multiple DUTs, either serially or sequentially.
      • DUT identification, test results are all manages separately
  • Purchase Order Management 
    • Building on the test sequencer, this option automatically tracks and manages any number of sequential processes involved with fulfilling a purchase order.  
  • UID Scanner Support 
    • Product recognition allows the sequencer to automatically align itself to the test target.
  • User Definable Link Buttons
    • Can be dynamically configured to link a DUT’s specific documentation, such as a parts list, layout drawing, test procedure, or schematic diagram. 
    • This feature can also be configured to operate with a company’s main configuration database 

Data Management

  • Supports Multiple Database Architectures
    • Both SQL and NoSQL database architectures are supported for fast, scalable options. 
    • Operates with a centralized database or with a local database.  
      • Allows any number of physically deployed test benches to access a single data repository. 
  • Data Mining and Reporting
    • ‘Activity Log’ feature allows users to review all automated activities pertaining to a particular product/serial number 
    • Easily navigate all data reports, past and present generated from any connected workstation.  
    • One-button access to latest test reports. 
    • One-button generation of failure-only reports. 
    • Advanced reporting features also available 

Networking and Security

  • Operator Account Management
    • Incorporates three levels of administrator privileges specific to each defined Workstation.
    • Administrator, Technician, and User
  • Networking
    • Incorporates auto-detection of connectivity when using a centralized networked database.  
      • Allows data to be stored locally until such time when the specified networked database is available.
      • Eliminates productivity down-time when network connectivity issues arise.
    • Supports Automated Updates